25 Ways to Attain Khushoo in Salah

25 Ways to Attain Khushoo in Salah

25 Ways on how to Attain Khushoo in your Prayers

Here are some quick wins in order to help you gain focus on your salah. You can refer to these as like a checklist:

  1. Getting ready oneself for prayer correctly

  2. Seeking refuge with Allah from the Shaytaan
  3. Shifting at a measured pace throughout prayer
  4. Remembrance of death whilst praying

  5. Thinking about the ayat and adhkar being recited throughout the prayer and interacting with them

  6. Reciting in gradual, rhythmic tones (tarteel) and making one’s voice melodious when reciting
  7. Realising that Allah responds to prayers
  8. Focusing at the place of Sujood only

  9. Varying the surahs, ayat, adhkar and dua’s recited in prayer
  10. Eradicating something which will distract the worshipper
  11. Adhkar to be recited after prayer
  12. Not praying in a garment that has decorations, writing, shiny colors or pictures that may distract the worshipper
  13. Thinking of how the salaf were when they prayed
  14. Avoid praying when there may be meals ready that one desires to eat

  15. Avoid praying when one must reply the call of nature
  16. Avoid praying when one feels sleepy
  17. Avoid praying behind somebody who’s speaking (or sleeping)
  18. Avoid occupying oneself with smoothing the ground in front of one
  19. Avoid disturbing others with one’s recitation
  20. Avoid turning round during prayer
  21. Avoid elevating one’s gaze to the heavens
  22. Avoid spitting in front of one when praying
  23. Trying not to yawn when praying
  24. Not placing one’s hands on one’s hips when praying
  25. Not resembling animals When in sujood