3 People Allah Will Not Accept

3 People Allah Will Not Accept

3 Kinds of People Allah Will Not Accept Ibadah From

The Prophet (pbuh) said 3 types of people Allah will not accept anything from them, nothing that they perform as an act of worship.

1) A person rude to his/her parents (mother especially)
2) A person who tells others to show gratitude towards him for a favour they did.
3) A person who tries to sell something by saying “Wallahi” and he is lying.

First of the three : Al-Aaq

A person who is rude to his mother or his parents, the one who talks back and does not respect her (his mother). The person who does not listen to his mother at all is the first person out of the three categories who Allah will not accept anything from them. This includes Salah (prayer), Sadaqah (charity) or any act of worship.

We need to understand the importance of our Mothers. Some mothers out of their love may treat their children in a little different way. They may see you as a ‘young person’ and that you don’t know anything, and you are up to no good. This is not because of any ill feelings for you, but due to their concern for you. So we need to appreciate and understand that.

Some of the younger generation try to be slick with their mothers and lie to them. They don’t appreciate the fact that their mother or parent is trying to keep them in line, they have much more life experience and will surely want the best for their child.


The second – Al Mannan

Al Mannan is the person who gives you something and then says ‘look I give you this and that’ so you should be grateful to me. They are counting the favours they have done for a person and then expect something back in return.

In reality any favours we do for people should be from the goodness of our hearts, and to please Allah swt. We should not be counting favours that we do to people as we will surely be compensated by Allah in the afterlife.


The third – The Untrustworthy Seller

The person who sells his merchandise by saying something like ‘this is what I got’ or ‘Wallahi this is how much I paid for it’ and in fact he did not pay that much for it. Trying to use ‘wallah’ to make the believer trust him and that he is telling the truth so he can gain more money for the product.

This is very common in this day and age and especially in a touristy marketplace. We as believers should always be honest. Our rizq is already decided by Allah swt, so if we are cheating his creation, we are, in a sense, cheating him. For what benefit? Just a few extra pennies in our pockets, but there will be no barakah in this.

A great reminder here