Hadith of the Day: Purpose of Knowledge

Today’s Hadith is about: Knowledge

Hadith - Purpose of Knowledge

Hadith on knowledge and what you shouldn’t be doing with it.

The Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alaihi wasallam) said:

“Do not attain learning in order to express pride before the ulema (scholars), nor by its help quarrel with foolish people, nor through it try to overwhelm meetings, but he who does so, his destination is fire.”

[Ibn Majah]

What do we learn from this Hadith?

The motivation behind looking for knowledge of the deen is to be in a superior position to seek Allah’s pleasure. All Muslims are required to learn about their deen by which they may enter Jannah and escape Jahannam (hell Fire).

Obliviousness isn’t going to get us anywhere, as we will be held responsible for that which we could have discovered ourselves. Allah has giving us all our own intellect and we should be using it to the best of our ability and for the right reasons.

If we gain knowledge just for our on pleasures, it will be dismissed by Allah (subhana wa ta’ala). Knowledge that is picked up with the goal that we may show it off and seem educated is a massive factor of demolition. We shouldn’t have any pride within ourselves and what will we gain by displeasing Allah swt?

We should use our knowledge to help others who are not on the same level perhaps, and this will give us the overall feel good factor. If you can teach someone useful Islamic knowledge, and they apply it to their daily lives, Allah swt will reward you immensely. In addition if that persons teaches someone else, you will still be the main source and the levels of reward can be unlimited.

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