Hadith of the Day: The 3rd Person Is Shaytaan

Find out what the Prophet (pbuh) said about Shaytaan being present in...

Today’s Hadith is about: Shaytaan Being Present in A Non-Mahram meeting.

Daily Hadith - The 3rd is the Shaytaan

Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whenever a non-mahram man and woman meet in seclusion, Shaytaan definitely is the third one joining them.” [ Tirmidhi ]

What this hadith means is that Shaytaan excites their interests and prompts them to submit malicious. Counteractive action is superior to fix. Fornication and infidelity tear to shreds the mental soundness of society.

Since the family is the backbone of society, for society to be in a good state, it must have solid families that comprise it. To anticipate any circumstance emerging which may hurt the family, Islam halts the wellspring of issues from the beginning.

An individual is mindful for oneself as well as for the otherworldly, emotional, mental and physical prosperity of their children as much all things considered in their control.
From their kids will emerge a lot more generations. Remembering this we need to do our best to give as sound an ethical environment as we can, so we are not considered in charge of the demolition of future generations.

“On the off chance that the breakdown of the family and female security is to be turned away, just two methodologies are accessible: initially, people from the society might be molded to accept that sexuality is from the devil, and ought to rouse sentiments of blame and abhorrence; or furthermore, sexuality might be acknowledged as the adoring articulation of a characteristic human need, in which case the genders must be kept separate, within reason, to maintain a strategic distance from the danger of the enticement of frail souls and henceforth their unchastity.” “Truly, the first of these two decisions has been that of Christianity, while Islam has selected the second.

The cutting edge Western disposition, where there is both a fixation on sexuality and an easygoing blending of men and women, and which has brought about enormous discrimination (and henceforth infidelity, separation by divorce, abortion and illnesses) does not speak to a morally rational framework.” [The Seventy-Seven Branches of Faith, interpreter’s note, The Quilliam Press]