Hadith of the Day: What Is Your Legacy?

Today’s Hadith: What is Your Legacy?

Hadith - What is your legacy?

The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Verily, what reaches the mu’min of his good works and good acts, after his death, is the knowledge (benefited from)…and a righteous child which he has left (behind him), or a book which he has given to inherit, or a place of worship which he has built, or a house for the homeless which he has built, or a canal which he has caused to be dug, or an act of charity which he has done out of his wealth while in his health and life. (The good effects thereof) reach him (even) after his death.” [Ibn Majah]

Ask yourself what legacy you are leaving behind? Have you attempted to leave any sadaqa jaariyah? If so, did you do it to gain Allah’s pleasure? Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) possibly remunerates our endeavors when we do deeds for His pleasure alone.

Did you do the good deeds so individuals would remember you, praise or reward you? To the degree that your thought process is other than Allah’s pleasure, your reward in the akhirah (afterlife) is decreased. For what reason should Allah reward you for something you didn’t accomplish for Him in any case?

We should attempt to do great deeds subtly so as to safeguard the advantage of your great deeds for the akhirah, when you will truly require it.