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Collection of unique hadith’s based on everyday life and events.

10 Ahadith That Will Revive Your Relation with Quran

10 Ahadith That Will Revive Your Relation with Quran

How can we revive our relationship with the Quran In the midst of our fast paced life, we inclined to neglect a very significant question:...

15 Hadiths on Optional Night Prayer (Qiyam ul Layl)

As the month of Ramadan approaches, it is wise to plan ahead in order to make the most of the blessed month and maximise...
Hadiths About Ramadan Last Nights

10+ Ahadith on Last Blessed Nights of Ramadan

As the most blessed part of Ramadan approaches, the time has come to put more exertion and be progressively committed. It is a brilliant...
Quran Verses about Manners

Verses in the Quran About Manners

The Quran was revealed by Allah as a guidance to mankind. There are many verses in the Quran in regards to good Manners and...
35 Dr Bilal Philips Islamic Quotes

35 Dr Bilal Philips Islamic Quotes

Dr Bilal Philips  Quotes Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips is a well known Jamaican – Canadian Islamic scholar who reverted over to Islam in 1972. He...
Islamic Love Quotes for Wife

17 Islamic Love Quotes For Wife

Islamic Love Quotes for her: We have previously covered Islamic love quotes for husbands. Now we take a look at inspirational quotes that a man...
25 Quotes about Parents - Mufti Menk

25 Mufti Menk Quotes About Parents

Mufti Menk Quotes About our Parents Parents play a significant part in our lives and upbringing. We have collated together our favourite Islamic quotes from...
30 Good Deeds to Carry out in 30 days

30 Good Deeds to Carry out Monthly

30 days of Good Deeds to work on in order to  please Allah Here is a quick plan to carry out good deeds in your...
Muslims Life Inspirational Quotes

Muslims Life Inspirational Quotes with Images

Here are some custom designed Muslims Life Islamic Inspirational Quote Illustrations for your to ponder upon. Feel free to share with others. In A Cold...
3 Ways Allah Answers Your Duas

3 Ways Allah Answers Your Prayers

Ways Allah Allah Responds To Your Du'a Du'a (supplication) is the most integral asset that the believer has, yet it is one of the most...