5 Pillars Of Islam Kids Puzzle Book

My First Puzzle Book On Five Pillars Of Islam

5 pillars puzzle book
Little Believers Books – My First Puzzle Book on Fiver Pillars of Islam – Rima Aktar

A little background about where the Children’s 5 Pillars of Islam Puzzle Book idea came from:

As a parent of a young toddler who enjoys learning through interactive play, I wanted to create something myself that would contain these elements and in addition help build the foundations of Islam from an early age. Something which was not available to me when I was growing up.

I feel Play is an important factor in our children’s’ learning. So the concept of our book was
1. to be based around Islam and 2. Something to make it interactive and different to other books that my child already had.

This book includes puzzles for our ‘Little Believers’ to enjoy themselves whilst learning and creating love for Islam from a young age In’sha’Allah

Taking PreOrders now. Please visit our Little Believers Books Instagram page for further details and the latest information.