3 Points to Clarify the Importance of Mothers’ in Islam

Importance of Mothers' In Islam


A mother is a selfless and beautiful creature. She tries everything she can to give a better and healthy life for her child. She makes many sacrifices to make her children happy. She raises them with love and care. So you should respect your mother.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, Heaven lies under the feet of the mothers.”

This hadith about mother tells us the importance of a mother.

A mother should be treated with love, care and a tremendous amount of respect. The obedience of the Mother supersedes that of the Father.

The mother has a great role in the upbringing of a child. She faces many difficulties in order to raise her own children yet she protects the child from any difficulties.

Allah says in the Quran:

“And We have enjoined on man doing of good to his parents; with troubles did his mother bear him and with troubles did she bring him forth; and the bearing and the weaning of him was thirty months.” (46:15)

Respect of Mother in Islam

There is a famous hadith about mother that we all can relate to when the Prophet (PBUH) was asked a very serious question and highlights the importance of your Mother in contrast to your Father.

A man came to the Prophet (PBUH) and said, O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the worthiest of my good companionship? The Prophet said: Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet (PBUH) said: Then your mother. The man further asked, ‘Then who?’  The Prophet (PBUH) said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’  The Prophet (PBUH) said: Then your father. (Bukhari, Muslim)

A good and pious mother is usually the backbone of a successful family. However, it is undeniable that the most important achievement of a mother is the raising of virtuous children who will then move on to build a strong society. Islam gives respect woman, but especially to a Muslim mother more than any religion in the world.

Fortunate is the person whose mother is chaste and virtuous. Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq. A mother is said to be better than a hundred teachers. Her emotional strengths and weaknesses are an example for the child and will be followed for many years to come even though all of them may not be worthy.

Mother is a Soldier

A woman came to The Prophet (PBUH) and asked why women were not allowed to go on Jihad. She was concerned that women were being deprived of a military reward and religious reward as well. The Prophet explained to her that a Muslim mother was a fighter in Allah’s way from the time she became pregnant up to the time she delivered, and from the time she began breastfeeding till the time she stopped. If she died during that period, her position would be that of a martyr.

Virtuous Child

To raise a virtuous child is the greatest deeds of all. Giving birth to someone who will grow up and work for the good of society as well as their parents is the greatest deed. A mother is someone who raises her children with care and love and because of a mother, we learn to speak and do other things in our life. She makes sure that her children are provided with every necessity of life. Her children are her priority for her whole life.

She stays awake at nights to feed her baby. She bears difficulty to give birth to her child. It is no less than a blessing for someone to have a mother with a good character.

It is a mother’s responsibility to look after her child with care and she will be rewarded by Allah for bringing up righteous children.

However, the task of a mother is not always that simple. She goes through many circumstances and difficulties in order to raise her children properly. That’s why a mother deserves much respect and love one can offer.

When a mother becomes old it is her children’s responsibility to respect the mother and take care of her just as she did when they were little. It is also ordered from Allah that we take care of the elderly.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “He is not of us who does not have mercy on young children, nor honor the elderly” (Al-Tirmidhi).

Allah has also mentioned:

“Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, and that you shall render utmost kindness to your parents.” (Al-Israa’ 17:23)

So, we learn from this verse that we should always treat both of our parents not just the Mother with the utmost respect. May Allah give us all the ability to act upon these words and teachings.

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